At the Forefront

International Education

Global Thought is a boutique education practice that implements and manages international education projects and accesses potential investors through its parent company Caledonian Advisory Services Pte Ltd.

Global Thought forms long-term, deeply embedded partnerships between elite education providers and quality investors in order to develop and manage innovative international education expansion strategies and projects.

Global Thought is based in Singapore and the United Kingdom with local representation in Australia, Hong Kong, China and India. Our educational expertise extends throughout Asia to the UK, the US, India, China, SE Asia and Australia.  This global reach allows Global Thought to provide a full service that ensures quality, trust, governance and logistics management for both the investors and the educational partner.

Global Thought and its elite group of world-class specialist education service partners includes our independent education-focused legal team to document, negotiate and complete educational investment, development and operational agreements; access to international capital and investment markets; school design, development and project management; government liaison; marketing and public relation teams; plus the human resources support to access, and experience to recruit international standard Board members, school leaders, teachers and staff.

Global Thought organises and overviews the design, planning, implementation and management of all aspects of international educational projects.

Global Thought accesses world-class operational expertise in establishing and managing detailed curriculum programmes and educational technology implementation involving multiple delivery channels and blended learning solutions.

Working across cultures to create new partnerships is vital. Global Thought is embedded in each project through its development stages and during each project’s operation.